The Art of Interviewing

The Art of Interviewing

At some point in time, we all go through that dreaded interview process. You know, the one where you get to dissect your whole business life in front of a total stranger. 

This is the place where you get to answer the age-old question of “where do you see yourself in ten years? (interviewers, please do not ask this question) The process can be a grueling one, and then to top it off, at the end of the interview comes the second most dreaded question, one that can strike fear in the hearts of even the most senior of candidates, “Do you have any questions for me? 

Well, in the immortal words of the Little River Band, “Hang on, help is on the way”. I am going to share some of my favorite questions, and if you would like more of them, just reach out. “I’ll be there as fast as I can.” OK, you have to be old to get the reference.  

A few of my favorites

  • Will you tell me about your journey in the company, and what developed you into a leader? I like this question, especially at the beginning of an interview. It helps break the ice and gives you insight into the person doing the interviewing. Quick tip, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. You both want it to be the right fit.  
  • Where will this company be in the next 5 to 10 years?   Great question because it helps you understand the vision for the company and how well it is communicated down through the ranks.  
  • Can you share with me some insight into the last person who was successful in the position and what made them successful? Hmmm, would it be helpful to know the secret of success in the company before you even start (that is rhetorical, by the way)?

The interview process, if done right, can actually be a great experience. These are just a few questions from a list of 23 questions that we share with candidates we are presenting for interviews. Take them and make them your own. Good luck out there!

Reach out to me for the complete list;

-Michael Cureton; VP of Banking