Why Your Company Needs a Quick Hiring Process

Why Your Company Needs a Quick Hiring Process

We’ve heard it time and time again – hire slow. Makes sense, right? After all, hiring is one of the most important things a company can do. Why wouldn’t companies take their time to make sure they are getting the best fit? While it pays to be thorough, the hiring process is a delicate balance. Having a hiring process that drags on can cause companies to lose their top pick. As a hiring manager, it’s crucial to have a hiring process that is quick and effective.

In today’s candidate-driven market competition for strong, qualified candidates is at an all-time high. As recruiters we’ve seen multiple cases when a passive candidate (a person who is not actively seeking a new job) has gone to an interview out of “curiosity” and becomes interested in making a career change. When a company moves slowly in their hiring process, the candidate begins looking at other opportunities in the market. Often this candidate will take a position with another company before the original company makes their decision.

To lessen the chances that this happens to your company, consider these tips from our recruiters:

1. Know What You’re Looking For & Have a Plan

Clearly defining the job and position requirements (education, experience, skills, etc.) necessary for someone to be successful will help make the interview process easier. You’ll have a roadmap set in place to screen which candidates are the best fit. Knowing who will be involved in the interviewing, what types of interviews (phone calls, face-to-face interviews, video calls, tests, etc.) will be used, and what interviewees will discuss in the interviews are key. If you don’t have a plan in place this will slow down the hiring process significantly, which could cost your company the best candidate.

 2. Be Aware That Strong, Qualified Candidates Don’t Wait.

In any job market, but especially in a candidate-driven market like we have now, top talent can come and go in the blink of an eye. By speeding up the hiring process, you’re cutting down the chances a candidate gets offers from other companies. Less offers = less choices to pick from = greater chance you’ll get your top pick. If you’re looking to speed up the hiring process cutout downtime between the different hiring stages. We recommend keeping your interview process short and fast, with no more than two or three interviews over a few weeks.

3. Consider the Message Being Sent by a Lengthy Hiring Process

We’ve heard it time and time again; the interview process is a two-way street. While you’re busy making sure you’re hiring the best fit, candidates are evaluating your company and its ability to make decisions. If your company allows weeks to pass between a simple phone screen and a formal face-to-face interview, what message are you sending candidates about the speed of general decision-making of your company?

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